A peek over dark green garden hedges that, together, form a mystifying maze.
A person lying in bed with their back against their wall, holding a coffee mug in one hand and a journal in the other, with their legs outstretched. They are surrounded by hanging plants, a nearby record player, and a mountain of pillows. They are staring in the direction of a window with a thoughtful expression.
A cognac-colored leather couch, bathed in sunlight shining through the window of a trauma therapist's office.
Matthew Ryan, LCSW, weighing the pros and cons of Alma, Headway, and SimplePractice.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (13 minutes)
A Therapist Reacts to Questions from Fellow Therapists
A clinician sits in front of her laptop, sitting down for a tele-therapy session.
An image of two hands gently placing a pillow in white linens on a sun drenched bed.
Loving Kindness Meditation
A therapist and their client seated at a café table in wishbone chairs, with the therapist taking notes on a clipboard.
Close-up of a calculator and paper chart
A porcelain mug with a floral print, evenly cleaved in two.
An LA woman protests the US Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v Wade, chanting while holding a cardboard sign that says "My Body My Choice."
Large rocks along a shoreline
A person places sticky notes on their wall to visualize and plan their work as a coping strategy for ADHD.
An open planner showing many blank dates without any appointments.
A person with long red hair and tattooed arms covers their face with their hands.
A young woman looks up, hopefully, while walking through the neighborhood.
A round mirror mounted on the wall of an apartment bathed in sunlight, catching the reflection of a small indoor olive tree.
A Sikh man wearing a dastar straightens his turban in the mirror.
A man works at his coffee table to calculate the cost of therapy after finishing a virtual consultation.
A young Latinx adult skateboarder in a bucket hat, taking a break to sit on their board at a sunny Californian skate park.
An Afro-Caribbean person finds calm before a virtual therapy session by sipping tea and petting their small, tawny dog.