Person sitting at a desk while on the phone and looking at notes
Two parents walk away from the camera along a paved path in the woods. In between them is their toddler, clasping each of their hands.
A teenager bathed in sunlight from the window, talking animatedly with her virtual therapist at her computer.
A therapist bonding a child she supports, playing a video game side-by-side.
Three rough stones, each vaguely resembling the shape of a heart, in the well-groomed sand of a zen garden.
A disappointed mother trying to teach her daughter a family recipe in her dimly-lit kitchen.
A person of color sitting in a doorway, with a few plants surrounding them, and a rainbow decoration on a nearby shelf.
Many ornate brass keys laid flat in a perfectly repeating pattern on a marigold backdrop.
Sitting on a green, grassy lawn under a blue sky, a redhead enjoys an ice cream bar.
Rejected ideas, shown as crumpled pieces of paper aimed for the trash bin.
A woman sits on her parquet floor, reflecting on the abstract line art she has painted on posters laid out before her.
A dream-like rendering of an archway to a mysterious set of cobalt-blue stairs, leading upward.