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Olivia Orley
Psychotherapy, LMSW
Olivia Orley is a psychotherapist working with adults and couples. She has a Master's in Social Work from NYU, and has done additional training in substance abuse and postpartum. She is focused on working with those who are going through major changes, seeking to improve their coping skills, and changing behaviors that no longer serve them.
Allyson Cole
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Dr. Allyson Cole is a Licensed Psychologist and the CEO of C.R.E.A.T.E. Outcomes Psychological Services. Dr. Cole has helped in...
Nancy Adler
Psychotherapy, PhD
Nancy Adler is a psychologist who works across a range of general mental health challenges with a special focus on relationship...
Roberta Marin
Psychotherapy, LMHC
Roberta Marin is a psychotherapist with a particular interest in helping clients with relationship issues and personal growth. ...
Renée Daley
Psychotherapy, LCSW
Renee Daley is a psychotherapist with an interest in working with clients who have mood disorders, anxiety and depression, subs...
Lucy Hutner
Psychotherapy, Medication Management, MD
Lucy A. Hutner, M.D. is psychiatrist who focuses on reproductive psychiatry and young adult mental health, including both psyc...
Maria Bruce
Psychotherapy, LMHC, MD
Maria Bruce is a psychotherapist, coach & consultant who works with adults looking to improve personal and professional develop...
Jessica Esposito
Psychotherapy, PhD
Jessica Esposito is a licensed psychologist who works with clients presenting with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, identity issues, and health concerns. She is committed to helping clients move through personal crises towards personal growth. She received her doctorate from Columbia University, where she is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology.
Jordana Jacobs
Psychotherapy, PhD
Jordana Jacobs is a psychologist who has a particular interest in helping clients with relationship issues, anxiety, depression...
Rachael Goldberg
Psychotherapy, LCSW
Rachael Goldberg is a psychotherapist with an interest in helping clients navigate loss, relationship issues, and personal grow...
Fanny Pertnoy
Psychotherapy, LCSW
Fanny Pertnoy is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Master's from NYU. Fanny has also completed post-graduate training at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy. She works with adults and couples.
Marc Dickstein
Coaching, CPC
Marc Dickstein is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of Plus Marc, a leadership development and coaching practice that ...
Thomas Neuschul
Psychotherapy, LMSW
Thomas Neuschul is a licensed social worker who helps LGBTQ clients of all ages work through trauma and a variety of other issu...
Carlene MacMillan
Psychotherapy, Medication Management, MD
Carlene MacMillan is an adult and child psychiatrist who provides general psychiatric care including psychotherapy and medicati...
David Gordon
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Dr. David Gordon is a licensed clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to adults, couples, and groups. His specialities i...
Jacqueline LaGrassa
Psychotherapy, LCSW
Jacqueline LaGrassa is a psychotherapist working with clients who are going through a variety of challenges. In addition to her...
Kate Deibler
Psychotherapy, LMSW
Kate Deibler is a therapist who provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families, and is particularly interested i...
Paige Rechtman
Psychotherapy, LMHC
Paige received her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Certificate in Spirituality and Health from the University of Florida. She blends elements of existentialism, feminism, and creativity with solution-focused, cognitive behavioral frameworks and has a particular interest in working with young professionals who are experiencing anxiety and/or difficult life transitions.
Hanni Silverman-Flaherty
Psychotherapy, PhD, LCSW-R
Hanni Flaherty got her MSW and PhD from New York University. She is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor andAssociate Dire...
Hod Tamir
Psychotherapy, PhD
Dr. Tamir is a developmental psychologist and licensed mental health counselor. His clinical work focuses on identity, sexualit...
Edmund Griffin
Psychotherapy, Medication Management, MD, PhD
Edmund Griffin is a psychiatrist who provides general psychiatric care including psychotherapy and medication management. He has significant experience working with individuals who have addiction and substance abuse disorders. Trained at Harvard University and Columbia University, Edmund has spent the last decade teaching, doing research, and practicing at Columbia.
Marni Low
Psychotherapy, LMFT, CASAC
Marni Low is a therapist who provides psychotherapy to adults, couples and families and is particularly interested in reproduct...
Carl Hovey
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Dr. Hovey is a clinical psychologist working with individuals, couples, and groups. He received his doctorate from Yeshiva Univ...
Galina Raykin
Psychotherapy, LCSW-R
Galina Raykin, LCSW-R, provides psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults helping them with various p...
Jessica Silver
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Dr. Jessica Silver is a licensed clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to culturally diverse adults. Her specialties in...
Lisa Gettings
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Lisa Gettings is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. She works with adults an...
Kyle McEvoy
Psychotherapy, LMHC
Kyle McEvoy is a psychotherapist with a particular interest in personality disorders, relationship issues, and sexual identity....
David Sarfati
Psychotherapy, LCSW
David Sarfati is a psychotherapist working with adolescents, couples, and adults dealing with relationship challenges, coping with personal growth and other mental health issues. In addition to his private practice, David works at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, helping patients and their families navigate the challenges of living with cancer. He received a degree in clinical social work from Columbia University and completed training in Meaning Centered Psychotherapy and Palliative Care.
Sam Lee
Psychotherapy, LMHC
Sam Lee is a psychotherapist working with clients who experience depression, anxiety, and relationship and family issues. As a ...
Lana Butner
Acupuncture, Naturopathy
Dr. Lana Butner is a naturopathic doctor (ND) and diplomate of acupuncture (LAc). Her practice is rooted in endocrinology and g...
Samantha Curiale-Feinman
Coaching, MS.Ed., TSHH
Samantha Curiale-Feinman is the Director of New Frontiers in Learning, an organization providing customized instruction in the areas of executive function, academics, career, social and life skills. Previously, Samantha worked in multiple education roles including speech therapy and special education. She received her masters in education from Long Island University.
Andrew Schwehm
Psychotherapy, PhD
Andrew Schwehm is a licensed clinical psychologist who works with adults suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and relati...
Julia Werman Zwerin
Psychotherapy, LMSW
Julia Werman Zwerin is a psychotherapist who works closely with her clients to resolve relationship issues, reduce emotional di...
Owen Muir
Psychotherapy, Medication Management, MD
Owen Muir, M.D. is a child and adult psychiatrist, a professor at Baylor, and the medical director of Brooklyn Minds. He studie...
Andrea Lopez-Yianilos
Psychotherapy, PsyD
Andrea Lopez-Yianilos is a licensed psychologist who works with adults suffering from sleep problems, trauma, depression, anxie...
Mary Borys
Psychotherapy, LCSW
Mary Borys is a psychotherapist who works with children and adolescents across a wide array of general mental health issues. In...