Great therapists take care of you. We take care of great therapists.

Therapy is a powerful tool to improve one's mental health and overall well-being. However, the experience of finding the right therapist and getting care is fraught with challenges for both therapists and their clients.

From helping you find the right therapist to making sure you have an impactful first session, we created Alma to elevate the therapy experience. Alma offers seamless scheduling, easy communication, discreet waiting rooms, and light-filled treatment spaces where relationships between providers and clients can thrive.


Our community includes providers from a range of disciplines and areas of clinical expertise. By being part of Alma's community-based model, providers enjoy the independence of private practice while reaping the benefits of a collaborative community powered by great technology in a beautiful space. Together, our community brings the best possible individualized care experience to New Yorkers like you.


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