Haley Jakobson, a white femme with long brown wavy hair gazes into the camera with a curious gaze.

Haley Jakobson

About the Author

Haley Jakobson (she/her) (gemini) is a writer and playwright living in Brooklyn, NY. In her work she explores queerness, girlhood, brains, and bodies. As a Very Online Bisexual™ Haley reaches an audience of thirty seven thousand readers on her instagram page. Haley’s debut novel OLD ENOUGH was named a New York Times Editor’s Choice, made the shortlist for the Lambda Literary Award for best bisexual fiction, and was described by Vogue as being “full of winsome bisexual chaos.” She's working on her second book now, which she lovingly refers to as her Unwell-Girl-In-New-York novel. It's about living with OCD.

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Haley Jakobson, a white queer femme, stands against an ornate tile backdrop while posing with her debut book, "Old Enough."