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COVID-19 Update: Our Brooklyn space is open! You can read more about our safety policies and procedures here.


Join Alma.

Get the support you need to grow your therapy practice so you can focus on delivering great care.


Grow your practice

with Alma's online directory and personalized Client Matching service.

Make insurance easy

with enhanced rates, speedy credentialing, and admin support for both virtual and in-person visits.

Run your business

with digital tools including teletherapy, billing, and scheduling.

Build community

with like-minded providers dedicated to delivering high quality, affordable mental health care.

Grow your practice with Alma

  • Increase client referrals with Alma's Client Matching team
  • Broaden exposure with a personal profile on Alma's exclusive provider directory
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Make it easy to go in-network

  • Enhanced payback rates for in-person and teletherapy visits
  • Guaranteed payback for every session in two weeks
  • Get credentialed with major insurance payers in under 30 days

Digital tools to power virtual and in-person care.

  • Simplified scheduling
  • Online billing
  • Client management
  • Eligibility checks
  • Claims submission
  • Free access to Zoom
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Community for connection and continuous learning.

  • Members-only peer supervision groups, coordinated by Alma
  • Free workshops and courses to earn CE credits
  • Get referrals and share best practices on Alma's community listserv

Office space to practice, if and when you need it.

  • Flexible, on-demand access to thoughtfully-designed therapy spaces, so you can shift between in-person and virtual care
  • Professionally managed with regular cleaning and disinfection
  • A seamless and safe check-in experience and relaxing waiting area for your clients
  • Read more about our COVID safety policies for in-person care at our spaces

What providers are saying about Alma


I started taking insurance through Alma and my practice basically exploded overnight. I went from three clients in a week to sixteen.

Kristen Keefe, LCSW

Joining Alma's insurance program is a great way to start your practice and build it the way you want. Within a day of being credentialed, I had countless requests for psychotherapy consultations. I have been able to fill my entire caseload in less than a month and still leave room for some out-of-network clients. Plus, the payback rate is reasonable and the paperwork minimal. I am so glad I joined.



Alma's events and programming are exciting opportunities to meet other Alma members and interact with providers, share common struggles, learn, collaborate, and grow together. The workshops are experiential and lively, balancing work and joy.


When I find that a certain client would be better served by clinicians who specialize in issues outside my scope of practice, I'm able to reach out to the Alma community to see if they know any referrals, or I can contact specific Alma therapists who are specialists in those areas. The support, resources, and network of Alma therapists is one of the great parts of being a member.



Our location

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397 Bridge St, 7th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Take theto Jay St Metro Tech station or theto Hoyt St station.

Membership at Alma


Grow your business and join an active community of peers.

  • Marketing support to grow your business
  • Insurance made easy with enhanced payback rates
  • Community to foster connection, learning, and referrals
  • Technology to power your practice, in-person and online

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