Building your presence online

Learn how to carve out a niche and connect with potential clients in a virtual world.

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Elevate your website and personal brand

Write content that resonates with potential clients

Position yourself as a go-to specialist

I was hesitant to get started with social media, but it’s been a great way to connect with fellow therapists, clients, and people looking for care. Not only does it allow me to highlight the kind of work I do, it also serves as a reminder that we are human, too.

Sabrina Spotorno, LCSW

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How to market your practice in a virtual world

If the idea of building an online presence feels intimidating or confusing, you aren't alone. This guide will give you the confidence to get started. Learn how to build and elevate your website, create engaging content, and identify topics that show off your expertise.

What's inside the guide?

Personal branding 101

Website dos and don'ts

Tips for generating content ideas

Social media best practices

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