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Introducing Alma Integrity Standards

As this community’s grown, Alma’s put in a ton of work to ensure that our members can count on the integrity of this community of fellow providers, all united around the goal of providing the best care possible to our clients.

That work has resulted in the Alma Integrity Standards, and I’m proud to be the clinician who led this work.

I’m Elisabeth Morray, and I’m a clinical psychologist, an Alma member, and VP of Clinical at Alma.

It was incredibly important to me and to Alma that our community’s standards be defined by clinicians.

These policies outline what Alma expects from each of its members, and what our community of clinicians can expect from one another, that we handle our clients with care, and that we work in the best interests of both our individual private practices and the broader Alma community of providers.

The Alma Integrity Standards include commitments in the following categories:

Client Experience, including things like properly communicating your practice’s fee policies,

Membership, including collecting all insurance clients’ payments through the Alma platform and ensuring that your Alma profile is accurate and kept up to date,

Billing, including general coding compliance,

Credentialing, including maintaining an unrestricted, independent license,

And clinical decision making, including following HIPAA guidelines.

I’m confident that these guidelines represent best practices that support the interests of both clients and providers, and that they will go a long way in protecting each of us who has entrusted Alma with our private practices.

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