Dr. Elisabeth Morray

Elisabeth Morray

Psychotherapy, Licensed Psychologist

About the Author

Dr. Elisabeth Morray is passionate about providing therapy that is grounded in principles of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). She enjoys creating deeply collaborative relationships characterized by warmth, humor, and the creation of a space in which vulnerability is honored.

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An illustration of a bright gold room, looking out of an open door into a new world of possibility.
An image of two hands gently placing a pillow in white linens on a sun drenched bed.
An experienced Latina therapist sits with a young mentee at a sun-drenched table inside a quiet café.
A fleeting glance from within a quiet therapy office, looking through an open door into an empty hallway.
A round mirror mounted on the wall of an apartment bathed in sunlight, catching the reflection of a small indoor olive tree.
A clipboard with a checklist sits on a coffee table between a therapist and their patient. Perhaps it is a clinical assessment…
Several seeds of a dandelion floating through the air, suspended as if by magic against a green woodsy backdrop.
Closed closet doors thrown into relief by shadows from bright afternoon sunlight.
A hand holds up a reflective glass fragment, revealing a small sliver of someone's face, including a pensive eye staring back.
Rejected ideas, shown as crumpled pieces of paper aimed for the trash bin.
A photograph of two friends who seem to be blissfully disengaged from thinking about food, centered on a snack held in one hand.