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Loving Kindness Meditation

Welcome to Calm Connection; a space to slow down, invite calm, and connect to yourself in the present moment.

My name is Eryn Healy. I'm a licensed clinical social worker and certified integrative mental health practitioner, and I will be your guide for these next few moments. Let's begin.

Find a comfortable posture. This may be in a seated position, or maybe lying down feels more comfortable. Whatever feels safe and is accessible to you. Take a moment to settle in. You can close your eyes if that invites safety into your body or you can soften your gaze and gently look down.

Now it's time to connect to your breath. Inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds. Continue this pace of breathing for three breath cycles. Inhale and exhale.

And now it's time to connect to your body. Notice if there's any areas of tension or discomfort. See if you can bring gentle loving awareness to those spaces. See if you can breathe into those spaces. Inhale and exhale.

Today we are focusing on loving kindness. Loving kindness is the practice of cultivating unconditional love, compassion and understanding towards oneself and others. Loving kindness begins with you, so the focus of this loving kindness session will be directed towards yourself. With a gentle inhale begin to bring awareness within and exhale, continuing this pace of breathing, offer yourself these messages:

  • May I be filled with love.
  • May I be held in compassion.
  • May I accept myself just as I am.

Allow these words to sink in. Notice what, if anything, feels different.

Inhale and exhale.

And now we acknowledge any perceived flaws or challenges. As you take the time to notice, offer yourself these phrases:

  • I am imperfect and that is okay.
  • I am deserving of love and understanding

Embrace your imperfections with kindness and acceptance.

And now imagine a warm radiant light in your heart with each breath. Visualize this light expanding, filling your entire being with love. Offer yourself these messages:

  • May I be surrounded by love.
  • May I feel connected and supported.

Notice what has shifted within you from the start of the session to now. Take three more deep breath cycles: inhale and exhale gradually.

Bring your awareness back to the present moment. If you closed your eyes, you can gently open them. You can wiggle your fingers and toes, bring sensation and awareness back to your body.

And as you continue on with your day, carry the this sense of self-compassion with you remember you are deserving of love and kindness may this practice nourish your inner well of compassion allowing you to navigate the world with a heart full of warmth.

This concludes today's meditation. I hope you encountered what you needed. I invite you to extend gratitude to yourself, to say thank you for offering yourself this moment of connection. Please consider reading reviewing and sharing this podcast. You can also find Calm Connection on Instagram at @calmconnectionpod.

Thank you for choosing to spend time in this space. May you carry the sense of calm with you throughout your day. Be well, be present, and until we meet again, may your journey be gentle.

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