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What clients are saying about Alma


"Before Alma, I struggled to find a therapist that I connected with, whose services were covered by my insurance, and who was flexible with their scheduling. I'm so thankful that Alma was able to quickly and painlessly connect me with a therapist who checked all of these boxes."

Emily L., Alma client


"I'm already anxious, so the thought of trying to find a therapist in NYC was overwhelming and only contributed to my anxiety. Alma took a lot of that anxiety out of the equation. I was able to sort through a directory of vetted providers based on specialty and cost."

Colleen T., Alma client


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Meet Alma

A community of providers

Alma is a community of independent mental health care providers. While our team helps you navigate the search process, we don't prescribe the rest. Each provider at Alma sets their own rates and makes their own decisions about going in-network with major insurance payers.

What makes Alma different

We believe therapists should be empowered to run their practice the way they want to, and we equip them with tools and resources to make running their business simpler. Therapists at Alma don't work for us; we work for them. Read more about our mission here.

Andrew Hartz

Linda Matthew

Aaron Breslow

Victoria Murray

Eric Losada

Babita Spinelli

Cinthia Taylor

Sam Lee

Aisling Whelan

Dhvani Lindsey

Ander Camino

Elizabeth Arnold

Lillian Park

Alexandra Stidham

Elizabeth Wynn

Arvin Bains

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment do Alma providers accept?

Providers in the Alma community determine their own policies around payment, including setting their own rates and deciding which insurance(s) to accept. Depending on your budget and insurance, we can help you find a therapist in the community who fits your needs.

Can I use insurance to see my provider?

Many therapists at Alma accept insurance, but not all. Our Client Matching team will work with you to ensure your provider match is in-network. You can also see a list of providers in-network for you and currently accepting new clients by filtering under "Payment Options" in our [online directory].

How do I know if therapy is covered by my health benefit?

If you have United Health, Oxford, or Oscar, we can check for you thanks to our partnership with Optum! Otherwise, the best way is to call your insurance company using the number listed on the back of your insurance card. Ask if you have behavioral health benefits as part of your coverage, and if so, what the co-pay/deductible is for a "mental health outpatient visit."

Do all providers in the Alma community practice at an Alma location?

No, while many providers practice froman Alma location, our members practice throughout the New York and New Jersey area offering convenient access to locations wherever is most convenient for you.

Does Alma schedule appointments for me?

No. All providers in Alma's community schedule their own appointments. If you use our Client Matching service, we will work with you to find the right provider, and the provider will follow-up directly to schedule a phone consultation and first appointment. If you submit your own consultation request through our directory, those requests are routed straight to the provider.

Will Alma follow up if my consultation request is declined?

Yes! Alma will follow up if your consultation request is declined to see if we can help you find another match in our community.

Once I confirm my preferred provider, how will I communicate with them?

It's up to you and your provider! Each provider at Alma has their own policies and processes around how they communicate with clients, but most use email and text.

How often will I meet with my therapist? Do I have to meet them every week?

It's up to you and your provider! Many prefer to see their therapist weekly, but you can set a cadence that feels right to you with your provider.


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