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Clinicians who want to grow a thriving practice choose Alma because we go beyond the basics.

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A provider-first approach to the future of mental health

Offer in-network care and get enhanced payback rates for sessions

Streamline your day-to-day work with Alma’s HIPAA-compliant platform

Find professional and financial fulfillment

Higher payback rates for teletherapy and in-person visits

Guaranteed payback for every session in two weeks and protection from claims denials

Get credentialed with major insurance payers 3X faster

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Streamline your day-to-day work with digital tools for scheduling, billing, and EHR all in one place

Grow your caseload, connect with people looking for your unique expertise

A members-only community to meet and learn from peers and leaders in the industry

Our insurance partners

Timesaving tools to streamline careTimesaving tools to streamline care

Digital tools to power virtual & in-person care

Get access to a suite of digital tools to power your practice. Everything from scheduling, billing, EHR, and a HIPAA-compliant telehealth for virtual sessions is included in membership.

Join a community for continuous learning

Get access to our members-only community, enroll in courses to earn CE credits, and attend a wide range of workshops led by our amazing members and clinical advisors.

A simple plan that's right for you

Everything you need to focus on delivering great care.

Billed monthly

Billed annually (25% off)


  • Insurance made easy, for you and your clients

  • Admin and caseload management support

  • Timesaving tools to streamline care

  • Community and professional development




A flexible, month-to-month commitment.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions about how Alma works, you can always reach out to us!

How do I become a member?

Fill out this form to set up a call with one of our Community Growth Managers. We’ll share more information about Alma and answer any question you may have about membership.

Are there any practice requirements for members?

Your practice is your own, and how you run it is always up to you. Our membership structure is built around how Alma can serve you — not the other way around. You’ll have complete control over your practice and can decide on areas like:

  • The number of clients you see each week
  • Your out-of-pocket rates
  • Therapy modalities

To further our mission of simplifying access to affordable mental health care, all new members are required to join our insurance program and get credentialed with at least one of our payer partners.

Can I join Alma with a limited license?

No. At this time, Alma is only available to clinicians who are fully licensed.

Does Alma take a cut of my fee for cash-pay clients?

No. We charge a monthly fee for membership that gives you access to all of Alma’s benefits. The income from your cash-pay clients stays with you.

Can I accept referrals outside of Alma?

Alma is designed to support your entire practice. We’ll help you manage all of your clients — whether they come to you through Alma or not.

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The Digest by Alma is a bi-weekly newsletter with the latest news and research in mental health.