Sam Dylan Finch

Sam Dylan Finch

writer, advocate, and content marketing manager

About the Author

For nearly a decade, Sam has harnessed the power of digital media to empower readers, challenge stigma, and make mental health content accessible to all. He currently works as Content Marketing Manager for Alma; he previously worked as Content Marketing Director at Oar Health, as well as at Inflow – ADHD, Healthline, Psych Central, and Upworthy.

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A person lying in bed with their back against their wall, holding a coffee mug in one hand and a journal in the other, with their legs outstretched. They are surrounded by hanging plants, a nearby record player, and a mountain of pillows. They are staring in the direction of a window with a thoughtful expression.
A person with a dark ponytail and white headphones stands facing a leafy bush.
The side profile of a person in a plaid shirt standing in nature, looking at something in the distance.
A masculine-appearing person sits cross-legged in bed looking down at a laptop, with headphones on. They are in a cluttered but cozy room, with plants, bright windows, and decorative items.
A child in a teal jacket, standing in a grassy field, presents a bouquet of bright, yellow dandelions.
Two hands holding a black paper heart together.
A person of color sitting in a doorway, with a few plants surrounding them, and a rainbow decoration on a nearby shelf.
A silhouette of a hand holding a phone displaying the TikTok app logo against a blue, white, and red striped background.
A light-skinned hand squeezing some kind of blue stress ball or putty.
Sitting on a green, grassy lawn under a blue sky, a redhead enjoys an ice cream bar.
A person with long red hair and tattooed arms covers their face with their hands.
A neon pink sign in the shape of a smiley face looks down on a dark room, imposing its toxic positivity on all.
A young woman looks up, hopefully, while walking through the neighborhood.
An outstretched hand made of clay, holding a purple egg whose shell has been cracked to reveal "superfood" blueberries inside.
A photograph of two friends who seem to be blissfully disengaged from thinking about food, centered on a snack held in one hand.
A man works at his coffee table to calculate the cost of therapy after finishing a virtual consultation.