A person with a dark ponytail and white headphones stands facing a leafy bush.
A cognac-colored leather couch, bathed in sunlight shining through the window of a trauma therapist's office.
The side profile of a person in a plaid shirt standing in nature, looking at something in the distance.
A masculine-appearing person sits cross-legged in bed looking down at a laptop, with headphones on. They are in a cluttered but cozy room, with plants, bright windows, and decorative items.
A child in a teal jacket, standing in a grassy field, presents a bouquet of bright, yellow dandelions.
Two hands holding a black paper heart together.
A silhouette of a hand holding a phone displaying the TikTok app logo against a blue, white, and red striped background.
A light-skinned hand squeezing some kind of blue stress ball or putty.
A collection of downtrodden folks of all walks of life, crossing a busy downtown crosswalk.
A hand holds up a reflective glass fragment, revealing a small sliver of someone's face, including a pensive eye staring back.