Results & Progress

A person lying in bed with their back against their wall, holding a coffee mug in one hand and a journal in the other, with their legs outstretched. They are surrounded by hanging plants, a nearby record player, and a mountain of pillows. They are staring in the direction of a window with a thoughtful expression.
Person sitting in a bean bag chair with legs resting on a table while looking contemplatively at a laptop
A clipboard with a checklist sits on a coffee table between a therapist and their patient. Perhaps it is a clinical assessment…
Several seeds of a dandelion floating through the air, suspended as if by magic against a green woodsy backdrop.
Many ornate brass keys laid flat in a perfectly repeating pattern on a marigold backdrop.
A porcelain mug with a floral print, evenly cleaved in two.
Sitting on a green, grassy lawn under a blue sky, a redhead enjoys an ice cream bar.
A young woman looks up, hopefully, while walking through the neighborhood.