For Providers

Matthew Ryan, LCSW, weighing the pros and cons of Alma, Headway, and SimplePractice.
A Therapist Reacts to Questions from Fellow Therapists
A clinician sits in front of her laptop, sitting down for a tele-therapy session.
An image of two hands gently placing a pillow in white linens on a sun drenched bed.
A screenshot from Naomi's video interview with Alma.
A therapist and their client seated at a café table in wishbone chairs, with the therapist taking notes on a clipboard.
A swimmer floats on open waters, striking the delicate balance between resting and drowning.
A person of color sitting in a doorway, with a few plants surrounding them, and a rainbow decoration on a nearby shelf.
A behind-the-scenes image of a therapist featured in Alma's new campaign, resting on a couch in her office.
An experienced Latina therapist sits with a young mentee at a sun-drenched table inside a quiet café.
A fleeting glance from within a quiet therapy office, looking through an open door into an empty hallway.
Person sitting in a bean bag chair with legs resting on a table while looking contemplatively at a laptop
A hand holds a charred, smoking piece of palo santo wood in total darkness.
A screenshot from Meagan's video interview with Alma.
A clipboard with a checklist sits on a coffee table between a therapist and their patient. Perhaps it is a clinical assessment…
Several seeds of a dandelion floating through the air, suspended as if by magic against a green woodsy backdrop.
Close-up of a calculator and paper chart
Closed closet doors thrown into relief by shadows from bright afternoon sunlight.
A collection of downtrodden folks of all walks of life, crossing a busy downtown crosswalk.
Many ornate brass keys laid flat in a perfectly repeating pattern on a marigold backdrop.
A hand holds up a reflective glass fragment, revealing a small sliver of someone's face, including a pensive eye staring back.
An LA woman protests the US Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v Wade, chanting while holding a cardboard sign that says "My Body My Choice."
An open planner showing many blank dates without any appointments.
Two black parents cradling their swaddled newborn in a trendy apartment.
A Black therapist taking progress notes on her clipboard while seated in front of a patient.
A black man with dreadlocks lies, despondent, on a gray loveseat before a therapist holding a clipboard.