A portrait of Gorgeous West, APC, smiling against a blue studio backdrop.

Gorgeous West


About the Author

You have a hard time saying "No" especially to people you care about or things you are passionate about. Often times you experience feeling like you give your time and energy to others and its not appreciated & valued. It is common for you to help others more than you help yourself, and your role in your family, relationships, and friendships are "the fixer", "the responsible one", and "the strong friend". Daily you show up for others wearing your superhero cape while masking your own feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, and depression. You are now at the point where you are tired of saving others and you want to rescue yourself.

You are searching for a safe space to tune into yourself without the distractions of others where you feel heard, valued, and affirmed. I believe you are the expert of your life and I will join you where you are in your healing journey.

Your cup is empty and you have nothing left to pour into others. It is time for you to pour into YOUrself and refill emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I provide a warm direct approach in helping you be your true authentic self. I welcome you to a safe space where you can take off your cape to focus on yourself.

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