A painting-like image of Megan Cornish, sitting in front of blurry bokeh-style lights, wearing a yellow jumper.

Megan Cornish


About the Author

Megan has a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington, and is a licensed clinical social worker with hands-on experience in clinical mental health. For years, Megan assumed she'd practice as a social worker until retirement.

She planned on supporting her creative, entrepreneurial drive (and financial obligations) with her writing side hustle, but while devoting most of her time to one-on-one clinical work.

Then... her career path changed. As a result of a cross-country move and new family obligations, Megan was forced to walk away from my social work dream job — but she vowed not to walk away from her commitment to mental health.

And with the mental health industry's radical changes, she had the chance to improve mental health outcomes on a larger scale with her unique combo of mental health and communication skills.

Over the past several years, she has had the honor of working with some of the world’s most exciting mental health startups.

Megan's vantage point allows her to see tensions in the industry, and she doesn't want to sit by and watch them grow.

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