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Merhawi Kidane

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Merhawi Kidane is a content marketer who helps SaaS companies attract and convert online traffic with the help of the written word (blogs, case studies, emails, landing pages, web copy, social posts, sales enablement pieces, and more).

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A clinician sits in front of her laptop, sitting down for a tele-therapy session.
A therapist and their client seated at a café table in wishbone chairs, with the therapist taking notes on a clipboard.
A collection of downtrodden folks of all walks of life, crossing a busy downtown crosswalk.
Over a table with a pastry and coffee, a woman holds her friends hand as a show of support.
Rejected ideas, shown as crumpled pieces of paper aimed for the trash bin.
Two black parents cradling their swaddled newborn in a trendy apartment.
A Black therapist taking progress notes on her clipboard while seated in front of a patient.